Are you tired of your ill fitting or mobile lower denture? Are you worried about losing your teeth and facing the prospect of having to wear dentures? We are sure you have heard stories about the difficulties of dentures or may be dealing with difficulties yourself. We offer a cost effective, simple solution for the unhappy denture patient. With as few as two dental implants, patients can quickly returning to the chewing ability they had years ago. If you are hoping for a straightforward solution to your denture problem, the 2 implant overdenture is best suited for you.

Probably the single greatest advancement in dentistry toward creating a happy patient has been the 2 implant overdenture.

If your current denture is a good fit, but unstable, it is likely that your denture can be retro-fitted to the implants, eliminating the need for a new denture. If your current denture is not fitting well, it is likely we will suggest that your dentist make you a new one in conjunction with your new dental implants.

If you have heard of or have investigated low cost mini implant solutions, be aware there could be issues with long term stability and cost you more in the end. At this time, mini implants have not been shown to be effective as long term solutions. We certainly place mini implants but do so in conjunction with a larger more traditional implant geared to last your lifetime. If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your options, call us at (859) 586-4825.